For this pitch part of my FMP, I will need to do a pitch, this is similar to my proposal however the proposal was just an original idea that I was aiming for doing. The pitch however, is the final idea that is a final declaration saying what I will be doing for my final project.

For my pitch, I want to do it in the form of a video. The reason for this is because I can add pictures of what I’m talking about to aid so the presentation and my pitch is basically together. Also doing the pitch in a video means that I am sure that I can be within the 10 minute maximum because I can edit my pitch.

As I’m doing the pitch as a video I will need to write a script so that I am prepared when I come to film.




For my Final major project, I wanted to create a horror short film which is about a girl who suffers from nightmares after the death of her brother. The family tried to forget about the death because it was a violent memory that haunts the girl. In the short film, it starts with the dream and the girl who is my main character screaming at the brother being dead on the floor. She then wakes from this dream and so does the spirit of the brother who wants vengeance because he was trying to be forgotten by the family. The ending will be all the family are killed and the vengeance of the ghost is successful. Throughout the entire short film, the ghost will not be shown which I wanted to do to add to the scare. Another key factor is I want to create a successful jump scare that happens toward the end which is where the ghost becomes really violent and takes the girl.


I am planning that the entire short film will probably be 5 minutes because as it is a horror, I want to keep it on the shorter side so that the tension isn’t lost because it might be if longer. However, I will be giving myself a 1 minute window so I want to say that the run time will be between 5 and 6 minutes at the latest 6 minutes and 45 seconds. I wanted to give this window so that I can have some more freedom. I just feel as thought the suspense shouldn’t be dragged out.


My target audience are people who are mainly male in gender as in my secondary research on the horror audience it was 58% male and 42% female. Also I want to aim at the age of 15 – 30 because horror is genre that is better enjoyed by younger audiences. I wanted to also aim at this age because of my primary research which was my survey and most people being under the age of 18 meaning this is the age bracket of the genre so will be for my short film. Also I wanted to aim my film at 15 being the youngest because from conducting my research on the BBFC, films at a 15 are more successful than going for the older audience which is 18 because it is more accessible. My target audience are mainstreamers because they want to fit in and be accepted, when a new horror film comes out, everyone goes to see it because horror is such a popular genre. People who are mainstream are viewing what is popular so this is why I have put that they are mainstreamers. I have also from looking at my survey, classed my target audience as people who are in the E and D class brackets. This is because due to the age, income isn’t high and some people are unemployed. In my survey the most my audience earn is the between £15.000 and £29.000 so they are at the lower end of the classes. My actors are all white British which means that it is probably more aimed at a white audience in terms of ethnicity because it might not appeal to the black ethnicity.


My first original inspiration for my idea was from a short horror film that I came across Called “Goodnight” I liked how this short was done and I really liked the tension and the atmosphere. My favourite and most inspirational part that I took from this short is their jump scare. I thought it was really well done and want to replicate this but in a different way. I also was inspired heavily by Paranormal Activity because I want to recreate the same effect of the ghost not being shown but effecting the scene. In my research I looked at two practitioners,  Alfred Hitchcock and Oren Peli. From reflecting on the research that I have done on them I can see how my idea will be similar to Oren’s work because he has been my main inspiration. I looked at Hitchcock because I liked how he creates tension using music but from looking at Peli, I actually will be using his technique that was done in paranormal activity which is the lack of sound making it more suspenseful for the audience. I also think my idea will reflect on my practitioner Oren’s work because I want to be using fishing wire to move objects in the scene which is similar to what Oren did to create his practical visual effects.


For the research, I did primary, secondary, qualitative and qualitative research throughout and firstly did my research on my practitioners, then I looked at my competition. I looked into my target audience then looked at the BBFC and horror film tropes. After I looked into the more production side like the technical side and budgets. From doing this research I have learnt that about who my target audience and mainly just learned by getting inspiration for my final idea.


My production schedule that I produced for my FMP proposal has already changed because it was a rough schedule just to give a start to keep on track. The first thing that has changed is my weekly production journals, I originally put down that I would be filming the production journals and also on Fridays, this was said in the proposal.

However I changed it so that it was every Monday instead and I wanted to just write them and not film them. Also I wanted to film from April the 4th in the Easter break but due to hiring limitations of equipment being that the holiday is more than 2 weeks off and this doesn’t match the criteria, sadly I will have to start filming after the two weeks off so from 23rd on this isn’t what I had planned originally which is slightly annoying but I will still have time because of the way I originally planned the production schedule that I had some weeks blank in may toward the end. I am aiming to be done with filming on by the start of may and be editing in may. I will be giving production one week at most because I need to film at night and only in two locations. I want to be done with filming by the 5th of may and move onto my post production.

That has been my pitch on my Final major project idea and what I have got planned from what I have done so far.



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