For this part of my Final Major project, I have made my final piece of work and had a deadline to show my work to the class, (a select few in groups) in a screening session. This was done on the Thursday last week which was the 16th of May.

The screening was good for more feedback on my work because before with my rough edits, I showed the same people so that they could see what changed in the process. What was good about this feedback is the edit was supposed to be a final so they watched it as that and the feedback was useful. As I got this feedback last week and people still picked up on the sound being lacking, even though I had added, I went back and did some small changes after this screening, on Friday the 17th. The final now is taking in the feedback from the screening.

From the screening I got both feedback that was criticising my final but this was good to help make it better and also I got positive feedback. I wrote down my feedback that I gathered from the session. The main statement was that “More Foley at start to make it feel less empty in sound design” I took on this statement by adding the clock that ticks later to the very start, this means that now in the final, the clock is continuations throughout the entire edit which I think makes that silence a little more realistic.

Another piece of feedback was that my piece of work held strong tension and “had good use of sound”. This was nice feedback and something that I wanted my audience to pick up on because as said before, my main goal for my horror wasn’t to make it scary as such but to create tension and tension similar to Peli. Another person said that is was shot and edited in a way that “captivated” them.

Also I got a good piece of feedback from my screening that I liked which was “liked the ending jump scare” this was good to hear because I changed this sequence loads of times and wanted it to work how I originally planned before even making it. It is also the last jump which I wanted to be successful so when the person picked up on it and had only good feedback on it, this made me feel like it was now successful.

There were a few in the group of people who had seen the previous iterations of my work so they had that work to compare. From watching this version, they said that it is a much better improvement that the introduction that I had problems with (the dream scene) is cut. That it now works better with just the after title part rolling alone and without the opening it is stronger.

A statement that made me consider my work differently was someone said that in future it would have been nice to have had more extreme shots and close shots. Shots to have as reactions, they went further into saying that it would have been better this way in their opinion because it would have shown the feeling of the character because of the closer shots. I agree with this and now feel as though this would have been better so this is something to think about if I were to do it again.

The teacher in the room, Emily Franke also gave her feedback on my piece and she had also seen my previous versions. Her feedback from watching my final was that she liked the titles at the beginning which made it look “very professional”. She also liked my new version of the hand on the wall with me introducing the multiple hands because she said that it added suspense and made that shot more tense and noticeable. She liked my use of sound and said that my sound design (music part and hits) were really high quality, making it more successful. Emily was really glad that I decided to cut out the original beginning because originally she said that it wasn’t necessary and broke the tension. She also agreed with the statement on more extreme close ups because she put that it would have portrayed the characters emotions and would have been a nice inclusion.

Overall I am happy with the feedback that was given because none of it was bad and I liked what others picked up on to improve upon it.


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